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Ascetia products benefit from the latest spray technology, meaning they are easy to take and ensure efficient absorption and bioavailability of their contents for maximum effectiveness.

 A large body of recent medical research conducted by a range of universities and scientific organisations, has demonstrated that supplements delivered either sublingually (under the tongue) or transdermally (through the skin) are absorbed more efficiently by the body than tablet or capsule alternatives.[1]

 A major drawback of both capsules and tablets is that they need to be swallowed, digested and metabolized before they can be absorbed. Oral spray supplements bypass the digestive system and are, therefore, absorbed in much higher quantities and at a faster rate.[2] This key difference not only results in superior absorption rates but also a significantly higher bioavailability  (meaning that you do not lose a high percentage of the nutritional benefits in urination).[3]

Another major benefit of a spray format is the purity of the formula offered in this form. Unlike many capsules, Ascetia sprays contain no binding agents or gelatine (common ingredients in many capsules). So, not only are they easier and more pleasant to take, the contents are purer and suitable for all lifestyles.

Our spray formula ensures that as much of the transfer factor technology is delivered efficiently to your body as possible - maximising its impact and benefit to you.


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