A New Kind of Better

Our powerful Antiflame-X formula helps restore your body to health.

Our Mission

Ascetia has developed two powerful, new, health supplements, providing industry-leading preventative and curative assistance in the nutrition-based fight against inflammation and its role in chronic conditions.

Some inflammation is useful whilst other forms are dangerous and debilitating but Ascetia's natural protein technology can tell the difference and works powerfully with (and within) your body to help recalibrate and normalize the source of inflammation - your immune system.

With an experienced team of life-scientists providing decades’ worth of knowledge and foresight, Ascetia's mission is to provide a ground-breaking health supplement for all.

Inflammation - A Growing Hazard to Global Public Health

Pain or discomfort caused by inflammation is a common complaint in many of our lives, but short-term or acute inflammation is a sign of our body protecting and repairing itself. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, occurs when the body’s healing mechanisms are disrupted and inflammation lingers, leaving the body in a long-term state of self-attack that can be debilitating or even fatal. Ascetia’s innovative oral-sprays helps support a science-based approach to resisting the effects of pathological inflammation. 

Ascetia - Providing Immune Support

Ascetia Natural Protein Complex (IM-MPC™) combined with our innovative Transfer Factor technology, delivers a new kind of supplement; one that is designed to work powerfully with and within you to reenforce your body’s own natural defences. Transfer factors are revolutionary molecules that carry immune memory from one body to another.  Following a ground-breaking series of technological innovations, Transfer Factors can now be used to support the immune system, helping you deal with the day-to-day effects of inflammation or, even better, preventing them in the first place.

Ascetia®:"A Revolutionary Weapon in the Fight Against Chronic Inflammation”

Leading Spray Innovation

Supplement Sprays are leading the way in health innovation, Delivered either sublingually (under the tongue) or transdermally (through the skin), they offer a more effective, and pleasant experience than tablets or capsules. A growing body of medical research suggests nutritional absorption via oral sprays to be over twice as effective as traditional tablet or capsules, leading to greater bioavailability and more effective supplements.